Communicating & Influencing level 5

Skills description overview

This skill is about the two-way process that relates to sharing information that is clear and accurate (verbal, non-verbal and written), and remaining receptive to others’ opinions. It is also about demonstrating the ability to evaluate, edit, and share information in a timely way that promotes understanding and effective action.

Communicating & Influencing level 5

  1. I use a range of communication methods and positive influencing techniques to successfully negotiate, collaborate and effect change at senior levels and across a diverse range of stakeholders.
  2. I consult, influence and present in formal, informal and public settings to build confidence, provide the best service possible and enhance the reputation of the organisation and the wider police service.
  3. I create opportunities to make sure the organisation’s priorities, values and desired culture are communicated clearly and with enthusiasm, providing an uplifting sense of the future and help people see their role within it.

Developing your use of communicating & influencing skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.