Job Family Business Support
Job Sub Family Learning and Development
Code BUS-LD-SD Assessor v1.1

Role Purpose

Assessors make objective assessments of the competence or performance of others in the workplace. Working within their own area of subject matter expertise and to rigorous quality standards, they identify the extent to which individuals meet pre-defined criteria. They provide feedback to the person being assessed and/or to others depending on the context.

Assessment may be carried out for variety of reasons: for example, to inform performance and development reviews, to evaluate candidates against recruitment and promotion criteria, or to support a national or local learning and development (L&D) programme.

Key Accountabilities

  • Establish effective working relationships– both in face to face and digital environments, clarifying the purpose, benefits and process of the assessment, to create transparency and ensure that appropriate expectations are set.


  • Plan the assessment activity in liaison with individuals and their line managers where appropriate, to ensure adherence to timelines, to clarify what will be assessed and ensure that appropriate activities are set to enable rigorous and accurate assessment.


  • Carry out assessments either online or face to face to evaluate and where relevant, make assessment decisions on competence or performance.


  • Provide objective feedback and advice to the individual and their line manager where appropriate, to support the continuing development of competence and performance.


  • Maintain records of assessment activities to meet internal or national verification standards.


  • Take part in quality management activities, including liaison with internal verifiers and other assessors, to ensure that assessment judgements throughout the force and/or nationally are made consistently, fairly and, where relevant, meet national standards.


All roles are expected to know, understand and act within the ethics and values of the Police Service.

The Competency and Values Framework (CVF) has six competencies that are clustered into three groups. Under each competency are three levels that show what behaviours will look like in practice.

It is suggested that this role should be operating or working towards the following levels of the CVF:

Resolute, compassionate and committed

Inclusive, enabling and visionary leadership

Intelligent, creative and informed policing

Education, Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Prior Education and Experience:

  • Operational competence in the area of work that is being assessed.


  • Competent and operating within the Police Sector Standard for the Training of Assessors (‘Assessor Standard’).


  • Good knowledge and understanding of the Policing Education Qualification Framework (PEQF).



  • Applies the principles of work-based assessment in creating an assessment plan and selecting the appropriate assessment method.


  • Skilled in evaluating a range of different types and sources of evidence to draw objective, unbiased evaluations and insights.


  • Skilled in communicating assessment decisions, and in giving advice on personal development planning.


  • Able to proactively develop effective working relationships with colleagues, partners and other stakeholders.


  • Able to identify potential opportunities to enhance efficiency and/or effectiveness within own area of work.


  • Able to appropriately prioritise and plan own work.


  • Able to review own performance objectively and to take steps to maintain and enhance competence and professional standards appropriate to the role.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Develop and maintain a professional network for supportive relationships


  • Continually reflect upon existing practice and sharing learning with peers in order to inform and improve policy, processes and practice.


  • Maintain and enhance knowledge and understanding of new approaches to assessment identified by evidence based research and advances in technological assessment methodologies.

Professional Registration/Licenses

Not applicable

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