Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Tactical Advisor

Job Family Operational Support
Job Sub Family CBRN
Code OPS-CBRN-ME-Tactical Advisor v1.0

Role Purpose

Provides expert advice on the range of available tactical options prior to, during and post CBRN operations to inform the decision making of Operational, Tactical and Strategic Commanders.

Key Accountabilities

  • Provide specific tactical advice to commanders at all levels of an operation so those commanders can make decisions relating to the strategic and tactical and operational objectives of an operation.
  • Identify the tactical options, their limitations, contingencies and implications to allow operational commanders to make effective decisions relating to the strategic, tactical and deployment considerations of an operation.
  • Prepare and provide ongoing tactical advice to commanders that reflects and responds to dynamic situations to ensure mitigation of risk of harm to civilians, police and partner agency colleagues.
  • Produce a record of all tactical advice given to operational commanders to ensure that there is an effective audit trail of the decision making process.
  • Monitor on going operational situations so as to be able to provide updated and relevant tactical advice to commanders should the operational situation change.
  • Ensure maintenance and currency of tactics, options and approaches to ensure that any and all advice given to commanders is reliable and valid.


All roles are expected to know, understand and act within the ethics and values of the Police Service.

The Competency and Values Framework (CVF) has six competencies that are clustered into three groups. Under each competency are three levels that show what behaviours will look like in practice.

It is suggested that this role should be operating or working towards the following levels of the CVF:

Resolute, compassionate and committed

Inclusive, enabling and visionary leadership

Intelligent, creative and informed policing

Education, Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Prior education and experience:

  • Security Clearance to SC level.
  • CBRN QDPPE responder trained.
  • Warranted police officer or forensic manager police staff within a CTU.
  • Proven ability to work within a multi-agency environment with Fire and Rescue and Ambulance services.
  • A working knowledge of local CBRN deployments and experience of cross Force border operations and regional mobilisation.
  • A working knowledge of National CBRN Standard operating procedures.


  • Able to set out logical arguments clearly, adapting language, form and message to meet the needs of different people/audiences.
  • Able to identify the cause and effect and develop a course of action designed to target the root causes and mitigate risks.
  • Able to review own performance objectively and take steps to maintain and enhance competence and professional standards appropriate to the role
  • Able to appropriately prioritise and plan own work.
  • Able to proactively develop effective working relationships with colleagues, partners and other stakeholders.



Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Personal responsibility for CPD.
  • Attend 2 days per year CPD Training provided for by NCBRNC
  • Research and refresh own subject matter expertise.
  • Maintain currency of National CBRN Guidance, best practice and any local policy applicable to the operational police context and leading and managing teams.
  • Maintain and update key knowledge, understanding and skills relating to legislation policy and practice across all functional policing areas of operational responsibility.
  • Maintain knowledge and understanding of new approaches identified by evidence based policing research and problem solving and team working and synthesise these into working practice.
  • Maintain a working knowledge and understanding of new and evolving crime threats and priorities; and current best practice to tackle these in order to enable a pro-active and preventative approach.
  • Complete all annual and mandatory training including for example, fitness tests, personal safety training, first aid, and protecting information.

Professional Registration/Licenses

Not applicable.

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