Office Manager

Job Family Investigation
Job Sub Family Major Incident Room
Code INV-MIR-ME-Office Manager v1.0

Role Purpose

The Office Manager (OM) has responsibility for the efficient running of the Major Incident Room (MIR) for the duration of the investigation. The OM provides advice to the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) on the staffing levels required within the MIR and managing staff and their workloads, ensuring all MIR staff are aware of their role and function to ensure the effective running of the MIR.

Key Accountabilities

  • Assess the staffing needs of an investigation and advise the SIO to ensure that there are sufficient staffing levels within the Major Incident Room (MIR) to efficiently complete administrative tasks.


  • Manage staff within the MIR to ensure that all investigative actions undertaken within the MIR are carried out thoroughly and ethically in accordance with relevant legal requirements and investigation, diversity, inclusion and partnership policies.


  • Identify and allocate resources, and negotiate additional resources, to ensure that serious and complex crimes are investigated effectively.


  • Collaborate with the SIO and Indexing Supervisor on all levels and requirements relating to indexing to ensure that investigative priorities are adhered to in line with all applicable legislation and local and national guidelines.


  • Approve actions and documents on behalf of the SIO to facilitate assessment by the Disclosure Officer.


  • Monitor and assess the documentation processing output to ensure that quality levels are maintained and indexing priorities are adhered to.


  • Co-ordinate with the Action Manager on all issues relating to any and all investigative actions, including High Priority and Resulted actions are dealt with in accordance with national and local guidance to ensure effective case management.


  • Monitor the creation and updating of all applicable records and policies relating to the management of the MIR in line with applicable legislation and national and local guidance to ensure there is an accurate record of all investigative actions undertaken.


  • Drive developments, improvements, and professional standards and maintain a detailed awareness of serious and complex crime investigations to ensure efficiency and consistency and effective use of resources.


  • Provide leadership and direction to staff, providing mentoring/coaching, empowerment, guidance and support in order to maximise their development, efficiency, and morale.


All roles are expected to know, understand and act within the ethics and values of the Police Service.

The Competency and Values Framework (CVF) has six competencies that are clustered into three groups. Under each competency are three levels that show what behaviours will look like in practice.

It is suggested that this role should be operating or working towards the following levels of the CVF:

Resolute, compassionate and committed

Inclusive, enabling and visionary leadership

Intelligent, creative and informed policing

Education, Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Prior education and experience:


  • Completion of the HOLMES2 Officer Managers course.


  • Experience of the investigative process and conducting investigations.


  • PIP2 accredited


  • Detailed knowledge of the HOLMES2 system and its use in an investigation.


  • Working knowledge of Major Incident Room Standardised Administration Procedures (MIRSAP).


  • Knowledge and experience of working in a Major Incident Room.


  • Experience of working in a supervisory capacity or having successfully completed applicable supervisory training


  • Knowledge of exhibits management.


  • Working knowledge of relevant disclosure legislation and guidance


  • Able to identify improvements and manage the delivery of initiatives and change that develop the organisation and improve working practices.


  • Able to contribute to resource planning to deliver effective outcomes within the resources allocated.


  • Able to engage a variety of audiences through a range of media to inform and/or persuade.


  • Able to develop and motivate a team and create strong engagement of individuals with their personal and team objectives and with force values, behaviours and strategic priorities.


  • Skilled in setting team and individual performance objectives, monitoring performance and assessing progress


  • Identifying emerging risks, issues and opportunities, and taking corrective steps as required to ensure that the right results are achieved.


  • Able to plan to short and medium-term cycles, to coordinate a range of investigative activities, to match these to available resources, and to identify and mitigate known risks to delivery.


  • Able to develop partnerships and relationships with stakeholders to ensure their needs and concerns are fully understood and responded to in an appropriate way.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Maintain and develop knowledge around the use of the HOLMES2 system and how it impacts on major investigations.


  • Maintain knowledge of local and national guidance relating to major investigations and all applicable legislation.


  • Identify and share best practice, both locally and nationally relation to the area of the major incident room.


  • Maintain knowledge of the Major Incident Room Standardised Administration Procedures (MIRSAP).


  • Maintain Knowledge of issues relating to disclosure.


  • Keep up-to-date with guidance on conducting the Performance Development Review (PDR) process and apply this to your work.


  • Ensure knowledge of any line manager responsibilities in relation to Assessment and Recognition of Competence (ARC) procedures and apply to your work


  • Maintain knowledge and skills relating to work-based assessments in order to conduct these when necessary.

Professional Registration/Licenses

Not applicable

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