CPD in focus: Leading and developing a positive learning culture in policing

Draw on the expertise and knowledge of four keynote speakers in our new webinar series supporting policing leaders to develop a positive learning culture for individuals, teams and organisations.

Andy Lancaster

The New Learning Landscape: How approaches to organisational learning are being transformed

Andy Lancaster leads learning at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) where he is responsible for the vision and creation of innovative learning solutions to support the people profession worldwide.

About the webinar:

Organisations are changing fast. To maximise the impact of learning and development, activities must not only be aligned with the strategic goals of the organization but delivered using creative means to support continuous performance improvement. The generic course or venue-based solutions can no longer be the default learning option; creative learning solutions delivered in the “flow of work” are also vital. This session explores the evidence-base for a shift of learning design and delivery approaches, which has been accelerated by COVID-19, and the part that different roles within the organisation play in developing a learning culture and thriving learning ecosystem.

Head of Learning at CIPD will provide a view from across a range of other sectors, drawing on his in-depth knowledge and experience of the important role learning plays in the success of an organisation to help inform and influence your own force practises in creating and implementing a learning culture.

Watch Andy’s webinar here

Commander Alex Murray OBE

Learning and unlearning – how to understand what we should do and what we shouldn’t

Alex has worked in the CID, Counter terrorism and local policing. He is a firearms, CT and public order commander. In West Midlands Police he was temporary ACC for Crime prior to becoming Commander (Specialist Crime) in the Met (trafficking, online child abuse, flying squad, economic crime, cyber-crime, major crime).

About the webinar:

In this webinar, Commander Murray will discuss the following areas:

  • Why is learning important?
  • How leaders make or destroy a learning environment.
  • Curiosity and humility; the most undervalued leadership traits?
  • How being evidence based is an essential ingredient in creating a learning culture.
  • Learning can be inconvenient – prepare to unlearn things you always thought were true.
  • It’s cliché, but failing is good….

Watch Alex’s webinar here

Professor Jean Hartley

The leadership of learning in the whirlwind

Jean is Professor of Public Leadership at The Open University and also Academic Director of the Open University Centre for Policing Research and Learning, which is The Open University’s collaboration with 22 UK police forces/agencies (2/3 of the UK policing workforce) to create and use knowledge to improve policing for the public good.

About the webinar:

Police work is sometimes described as happening in a whirlwind, with too much to do in too short a time. If there isn’t time to catch breath, then how on earth can officers and staff undertake serious learning, such as continuous professional development? In this context how can the workforce be encouraged to get involved in learning? What is in it for leaders (from team leaders to chiefs) to encourage CPD? This talk examines ways in which leaders can support and gain from encouraging CPD. It takes the metaphor of the whirlwind to offer a framework that recognises that learning can take place both in the middle of action and off the job, in planned or emergent learning, and in small bite-sized pieces or with large ambition. The leadership challenges are to find ways to support and use learning which takes place in this variety of contexts and to ensure that learning has an impact on skills and public service. The talk uses evidence from a range of public services, including policing, to explore these matters.

Watch Jean’s webinar here

Mark Stevenson

Toward a learning culture: When will the glass slipper fit…?

Mark joined South Wales Police in September 2018 as Director of People and Organisational Development having previously enjoyed a career spanning 18 years within the private sector.

About the webinar:

Organisational cultures which promote and encourage continuous learning and development are often described and sought. In spite of the significant benefits expected, most organisations face considerable challenges in realising the utopian state, whereby they repeatedly and sustainably create, acquire and transfer knowledge.

Is the learning organisation a dream too far and merely a fairy tale or only attainable by those who truly believe and invest? The presentation explores the benefits and inhibitors to developing such cultures and the specific roles that invested leaders ought to be playing to make the happy ever after ending a reality.

Watch Mark’s webinar here