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CSI2019 is specially designed to merge the gap between academia and practical field applications in law enforcement and security. We believe that the law enforcement officers and agents should not only understand and master the practical implementations and solutions to real life challenges, but also have an understanding of the current global perspectives and their applications and implications in contemporary society (especially in the fields of security and crime prevention).

The course will develop participant’s understanding, learning critical analytical skills, and the application of the innovative approaches to security, criminal justice, and socio-political aspects of the modern world. CSI2019 is a University accredited training course which would be a great value contributor towards Continuous Professional Development (CPD) schemes, promotion, widening professional horizons, job change and/or sector change

There would be a dual delivery mode- online and in a classroom. For those who would be unable to join in classes, they could still attend the the programme online and receive a certificate upon successful completion of the programme.

The training programme is accredited as Level 6 (final year of the University), which means it would be more suitable for supervisor, leaders. However, I do believe some of the front line personnel from special units would benefit from it too.

The current PEQF is aiming to be aligned with the education levels in the UK, therefore I would like to propose this training programme as a professional training for the police officers through the ranks. The idea also goes in line with the current National Policing Curriculum and Policing Vision 2025 which states that “By 2025 policing will be a profession with more representative workforce that will align the right skills, powers and experience to meet challenging requirements”.

The programme will deliver specialist knowledge, a distinct ethical dimension and local, national and global perspectives. It will also be an excellent addition towards CPD, as well as it will be a university standard training programme. I believe this constitutes the core elements of the professional discretion of the police. Moreover, the completion of this training programme could contribute greatly towards officers further professional development, as well as provide more knowledge, understanding and confidence in their every-day jobs.

Most importantly, the programme reflects the core of the Policing Vision 2025 and supports the “key aspects of policing training and development through academic accreditation which recognises the skills and knowledge of our workforce”.

For more information please visit the website:

Provider: University of South Carolina Upstate/ Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
RPL Cost: refer to Provider's APL policy
Cost: Please see website
Delivery Method: Online, Face to face

This degree includes a full range of business skills, including managing people, finance, planning, strategy, leadership and sustainability.
It is designed for both new and aspiring managers as well as those who are more experienced and want to gain a management qualification to enhance their career progression.

Course aims:
Creatively solve work-based problems and effectively manage resources in a complex and rapidly changing environment.
Develop a range of intellectual and highly developed interpersonal skills
Apply knowledge in a work based environment, to be receptive to new ideas, and to effectively manage change.
To provide a coherent and sound foundation in business and management disciplines
To provide a flexible programme of study that is built upon a partnership with employers, and is responsive to contemporary management issues and changing contingencies.
To provide an academically rigorous and vocationally oriented course of study.

To meet the needs of employers regarding up-skilling employees in the workplace.

Delivery Location:1. Distance Learning – all online
Assessment Style:No examinations.

The course is assessed through a mix of work-based projects, assignments, written and oral reports, presentations and case studies

Delivery Methods:1. Distance Learning – online through our Learning Management System.

Provider: Anglia Ruskin University
RPL Cost: No charge
Cost: 4700
Delivery Method: Online

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