What does the online tool do?

The College of Policing have been working to create an online tool to support officers and staff, police forces and HEIs with the implementation of the Police Education Qualifications Framework, and specifically RPL. This will be available from October.

It will contain information, guidance and support to help guide both individuals and forces through the process of applying for RPL and supporting their officers and staff. It will also provide guidance for HEIs on how they can become involved and what they need to do.

The online tool will include a Credit Estimator that allows officers and staff to answer a series of questions about their career history and training undertaken to give them an idea of how many academic credits they might be able to claim. It will be made clear that credit scores are indicative only and will be subject to appropriate evidencing and mapping against the course being applied for, in order to manage expectations.

An individual will also be able to look in the Directory to see which courses they could apply for, along with key information relating to the course and the HEI. The maintenance of the contents of the directory will be the responsibility of the HEI and will include information about:

  • The course
  • Method of study and assessment
  • Course cost band
  • RPL costs
  • Location of university