Guidance for Higher Education and Recognised Qualification Providers

This guidance document is designed to be a flexible resource to help you find out what you need to know.
Pick out the sections with particular relevance to you and what you need to know.

RPL HEI and Recognised Qualification Provider Guidance

Information about the College of Policing

Find out more about who the College of Policing is and why they have introduced the Recognition of Prior Experience and Learning.

  • What is the College of Policing?
  • Why is the College of Policing doing this?
  • Why are academic qualifications being promoted in policing?

Considerations for supporting officers and staff completing academic studies

Find out about some of the considerations you should have when teaching officers and staff

  • What do we need to consider when providing education to operational officers and staff?
  • What will officers and staff expect from us?
  • What might a force expect of us?
  • What support can we offer?