Career Pathways

Career Pathways can help you plan how to develop your career in policing. While most people associate progression with rising through the ranks, it can also mean broadening your skills and moving into a more specialist area.

The career pathways draw on the Professional Policing Profiles to provide accessible information to help you make your career choices and provide a focus for professional development review (PDR) conversations.

You can watch or read case studies from a wide range of policing activities and get an insight into what is involved, from people who are currently doing the job.
You can identify what skills you already have and those you will need to attain in order to move into a more specialist role.

You can create and export a skills report that can include prior experience such as non-work examples, such as working with young people or being a school governor.

The framework covers the main areas of policing and we are developing pathways for other areas.



* Please note that the Cyber Digital Career Pathway is a separate product. For more information on that please contact the CDCP Team.