Competency and Values

The Competency and Values Framework (CVF) replaces the Policing Professional Framework (PPF) Personal Qualities and sets out nationally recognised behaviours and values to support all policing professionals in a range of local and national processes, both now and in the future. The framework ensures that there are clear expectations of everyone working in policing which in turn will lead to standards being raised for the benefit and safety of the public.

The framework has six competencies clustered into three groups and underpinned by four values that support everything we do as a policing service;

• Resolute, Compassionate and Committed
o We are emotionally aware
o We take ownership
• Inclusive, Enabling and Visionary Leadership
o We are collaborative
o We deliver, support and Inspire
• Intelligent, Creative and Informed Policing
o We analyse critically
o We are innovative and open minded

Each cluster has an explanation of why that area is important, and includes a description and a list of examples of the types of behaviours that are expected in that competency area

Each competency is split into three levels which can be matched to working levels rather than ranks, broadly outlined as such :

• Level 1 - Practitioner
• Level 2 - Supervisor/Middle Manager
• Level 3 - Senior Manager/Executive

These levels are intended to be used flexibly, to allow for a better fit with both frontline and non-frontline policing roles. The levels are designed to be cumulative, so those working at higher levels should also demonstrate each preceding level’s behaviours.

Competency and Values Framework
Competency and Values Framework Diagram

Resolute, Compassionate and Committed

How we conduct ourselves in our service and the values that underpin our behaviour are a key part of our thought processes and relationships. Empathy means listening to the public, colleagues and partners, responding directly and quickly, and having a genuine interest in ourselves and others. We are always focused on doing our best for the public and our customers.

By understanding our thoughts and the values behind our behaviour, we can maintain a professional and resolute stance, demonstrate accountability and stand by the police service’s established values to maintain the service’s professional legitimacy.

Inclusive, Enabling and Visionary Leadership

We are all able to work together independently and recognise the need to act as leaders, whether in a formal line management capacity or when engaging and motivating colleagues and the public to get involved or have their voices heard.

Whether we are setting a vision, planning ahead to optimise resources for the best possible outcomes or leading a cross-sector partnership, we work across organisations and sectors to achieve excellence in public service.

Intelligent, Creative and Informed Policing

We are open to new sources of information, continuously developing our own knowledge to help the police service to grow and change in line with new challenges and stay at the forefront of public service.

Informed analysis and creativity are critical to what we do. They sit at the heart of our thinking and our decisions, meaning that effective and critical problem solving is second nature to us. Balancing our decisiveness with consideration and evidence-based approaches, we are able to challenge our thinking and draw on multiple diverse sources of information for new ways of thinking and working.