This value links to the principles of fairness and objectivity from the Code of Ethics.

As a police service, we must show impartiality throughout all our dealings with colleagues, partners and members of the public. This is achieved by being unprejudiced, fair and objective. We consider different sides of a situation and ensure that each side is given equal consideration. We do not favour one person or group over another, acknowledging that discrimination increases feelings of unfairness and makes our jobs harder to do. We must not allow personal feelings, beliefs or opinions to unfairly influence our actions in any situation.

We assess each situation based on its own merits ensuring we are fair and consistent in our actions. We are clear in our rationale for the decisions or actions we take ensuring they are clear and evidence-based.


  • I take into account individual needs and requirements in all of my actions
  • I understand that treating everyone fairly does not mean everyone is treated the same
  • I always give people an equal opportunity to express their views
  • I communicate with everyone, making sure the most relevant message is provided to all
  • I value everyone’s views and opinions by actively listening to understand their perspective
  • I make fair and objective decisions using the best available evidence
  • I enable everyone to have equal access to services and information, where appropriate