This value links to the principles of honesty and openness from the Code of Ethics.

We are transparent in our actions, decisions and communications with both the people we work with and those we serve. This ensures that we are honest and open in our interactions and decision making. We are genuine with those we communicate with and endeavour to create trusting relationships. We accept feedback and are comfortable in responding to criticism and finding ways to improve.

We build trust with our colleagues, partners and communities by being open about what we have done and why we have done it and by keeping our promises so communities can rely on us when needed.


  • I ensure that my decision-making rationale is clear and considered so that it is easily understood by others
  • I am clear and comprehensive when communicating with others
  • I am open and honest about my areas for development and I strive to improve
  • I give an accurate representation of my actions and records
  • I recognise the value of feedback and act on it
  • I give constructive and accurate feedback
  • I represent the opinions of others accurately and consistently
  • I am consistent and truthful in my communications
  • I maintain confidentiality appropriately