This value links to the principle of integrity from the Code of Ethics.

We understand and reinforce expectations of professional behaviour and openly recognise good and bad performance. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, making sure that we always uphold the values and ethical standards of the police service.

We need to build and maintain confidence with the public, colleagues and partners if we are to deliver a modern and effective police service. Doing the right thing is about becoming a role model and upholding public trust.


  • I always act in line with the values of the police service and the Code of Ethics for the benefit of the public
  • I demonstrate courage in doing the right thing, even in challenging situations
  • I enhance the reputation of my organisation and the wider police service through my actions and behaviours
  • I challenge colleagues whose behaviour, attitude and language falls below the public’s and the service’s expectations
  • I am open and responsive to challenge about my actions and words
  • I declare any conflicts of interest at the earliest opportunity
  • I am respectful of the authority and influence my position gives me
  • I use resources effectively and efficiently and not for personal benefit