Public Service

This value links to the principles of respect and selflessness from the Code of Ethics.

As individuals and as part of a wider organisation, we have a responsibility to ensure that we act in the best interests of society as a whole. Improving the safety and well-being of the public underpins all that we do. We constantly think about how to create the best possible outcomes for those we serve and we take personal responsibility for delivering these. We show resilience and determination to overcome barriers and to provide the best outcome.

We are dedicated to work in the public interest, engaging and listening to their needs and concerns. We work to make sure that the public feel valued and engaged, which helps to build confidence in the police service. We are respectful to the needs and concerns of different individuals and groups.


  • I act in the interest of the public, first and foremost
  • I am motivated by serving the public, ensuring that I provide the best service possible at all times
  • I seek to understand the needs of others to act in their best interests
  • I adapt to address the needs and concerns of different communities
  • I tailor my communication to be appropriate and respectful to my audience
  • I take into consideration how others want to be treated when interacting with them
  • I treat people respectfully regardless of the circumstances

I share credit with everyone involved in delivering services