How will this impact on our existing RPL process?

It is expected that HEIs would agree to the minimum number of credits as set out in the matrices subject to suitable evidence being provided.

It is expected that the final number of credits awarded to an individual would be at the discretion of the University (in line with the matrices). That the number of credits awarded would be dependent on the evidence provided by an individual, as per the HEIs existing RPL process, e.g., portfolio submission, interview. And that the number of credits awarded would be dependent on the specific programme they apply for and the relevance of any learning that has been documented.

To standardise the process for officers and staff we are asking that HEIs accept a standardised initial application form and credit estimator summary to begin the RPL process, and act as a gateway to existing RPL processes. This should be integrated into internal RPL processes as simply as possible.

CoP Recognition of Prior Experience and Learning Matrices V0.1                                                                                                                              

HEI Application Form (v1.1 July2018)