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Select Skills

The skills link to the skills identified in the Policing Professional Profiles for police officers and staff. They are split across the 5 levels of policing from service delivery to force leader.

There are nine skills at each level, look at the example for each level below and identify which level you think is appropriate for you, you can select up to 45 skills before proceeding to the next stage.

  • Level 1 skills are those skills held by a Police Constable or Detective Constable or police staff equivalent.
  • Level 2 skills are those skills that would be demonstrated by those at Sergeant or Detective Sergeant or police staff equivalent and those who are first line managers and supervisors.
  • Level 3 skills are those held by Inspectors, Chief Inspectors or Detective Inspectors or Detective Chief Inspectors or police staff equivalent. This includes those who have management responsibility or might be considered to be highly specialised expert advisors in a given area of policing.
  • Level 4 skills are those held by those at Superintendent rank and above or police staff equivalent who might run a department and have responsibilities of that nature.
  • Level 5 skills are those held by Chief Officers or executive police staff who are responsible for the running and operation of a force or equivalent levels of responsibility.

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Level 5

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