Change management level 3

Skill overview description

This skill is about demonstrating the willingness, flexibility and ability to adapt and continue to perform effectively when organisational and/or situational circumstances change. It is also concerned with supporting others (colleagues, external partners, public) in implementing changes and demonstrating the knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable new and productive ways of working, even during difficult phases of change.

Change management level 3

  1. I manage the delivery of initiatives that change the structure of the organisation and / or the roles of staff and officers.
  2. I lead and communicate positively the need for change, both verbally and in writing, helping others fully understand the reasons for organisational change.
  3. I support sergeants/first line managers in promoting and embedding change within their teams and their specific responsibilities at different phases.
  4. I support others in recognising the reasons for and help overcome their resistance to change, ensuring individuals and teams receive appropriate training and have access to useful tools to manage their experience and perspectives of change.
  5. I develop, implement and evaluate a SMART operational plan for change.
  6. I encourage team members at all levels to challenge ideas, working methods and put forward new ways of doing things to help improve systems and processes.

Developing your change management skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.