Communicating & Influencing level 2

Skills description overview

This skill is about the two-way process that relates to sharing information that is clear and accurate (verbal, non-verbal and written), and remaining receptive to others’ opinions. It is also about demonstrating the ability to evaluate, edit, and share information in a timely way that promotes understanding and effective action.

Communicating & Influencing level 2

  1. I communicate openly and honestly with others, listening and responding carefully to their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  2. I prepare for important communications in advance to help me be effective.
  3. I communicate complex and sensitive information clearly and at the right level of detail, both verbally and in writing.
  4. I explain my reasoning logically and clearly, adapting the type of communication to effectively meet the different needs of individuals and audiences.

Developing your use of communicating & influencing skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.