Managing people level 4

Skill overview description

This skill is about creating the right climate for people to get the job done to the best of their abilities, ensuring a culture of mutual respect and support.

Managing people level 4

  1. I lead, develop and motivate a diverse team; creating strong engagement with the function’s performance objectives and with Force values and behaviours.
  2. I communicate how the overall vision links to specific plans and objectives so that people are motivated and clearly understand our goals.
  3. I promote the importance of people management skills and set clear standards, ensuring supervisors are supported with practical means to address development needs.
  4. I am able to create and act on plans for continuity so performance does not suffer when people move on.
  5. I create a working environment which actively supports individuals to develop and demonstrate effective leadership and people management capabilities.

Developing your managing people skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.