Managing resources level 4

Skill overview description

This skill is about understanding the relevant operational, people, financial and data resource considerations necessary to make confident and timely decisions to enhance team, departmental and/or organisational performance.

Managing resources level 4

  1. I use financial analysis to generate, evaluate, and act on strategic options.
  2. I monitor activities and secure sufficient resources to ensure appropriate actions are taken to achieve Force and partnership objectives.
  3. I manage the operational unit/ department’s resources within budgetary limits and against agreed plans and reporting timescales.
  4. I share ideas and knowledge openly and responsively with peers and teams, making resources available in line with the priorities of the department and/or organisation.
  5. I lead commercial arrangements and partnerships, making sure performance meets expectations and delivers value for money.

Developing your managing resources skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.