Performance management level 2

Skill overview description

This skill is about the process of establishing a shared understanding of the performance requirements for each individual, against agreed objectives and managing activities in line with this. Also involves promoting and facilitating the continuous review and ongoing professional development of each individual and linking their needs, objectives and goals to those of the team and organisation overall.

Performance management level 2

  1. I am able to assess team and individual performance against performance standards and explain my reasoning.
  2. I conduct performance conversations that help others build on their strengths and take ownership for results.
  3. I give reinforcing or corrective feedback that is effective in fostering continued improvement and learning culture.
  4. I create realistic implementation plans and milestones that have clear timelines and criteria for success.
  5. I apply appropriate attention to detail in order to spot obstacles to success and address these proactively.

Developing your performance management skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.