Planning level 2

Skill overview description

This skill is about the effective management of priorities, time, tasks, relationships and risks, through the appropriate and efficient use of resources to deliver a requested level of service and/or required standard of work on time.

Planning level 2

  1. I plan and organise in advance, allocating work appropriately within the team, identifying and mitigating risks to delivery.
  2. I plan, set and review team objectives to ensure the required standard and quality of performance is consistently achieved on time.
  3. I adapt plans and manage workload demands to support the team in line with changing circumstances.
  4. I develop the knowledge and skills of both the team and individuals, identifying needs and planning their development using a variety of actions and behaviours to enhance performance.
  5. I maintain an up-to-date activity planner of the team’s objectives and monitor progress making sure both individual and/or team milestones are being met.
  6. I look for effective ways of promoting wellbeing and monitor early warning signs and ways of supporting the mental health of my team.

Developing your planning skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.