Planning level 4

Skill overview description

This skill is about the effective management of priorities, time, tasks, relationships and risks, through the appropriate and efficient use of resources to deliver a requested level of service and/or required standard of work on time.

Planning level 4

  1. I engage in strategic planning with the force’s executive and partner organisations to establish a shared understanding of the total work and business planning needs.
  2. I develop strategies and plans which add value and build strong relationships with stakeholders, partners and communities to meet organisational goals.
  3. I plan to medium and long term cycles and coordinate a complex range of activities.
  4. I identify the required financial, people and materials resourcing requirements to deliver specific strategies and plans and identify and act on dependencies with other parts of the Force and to identify and mitigate known risks to delivery.
  5. I manage the implementation of complex projects to ensure efficient and effective service delivery is maintained and project outcomes realised.

Developing your planning skills

Awaiting a range of resources that can support the development of this skill.