Short Credit Bearing Learning Modules

Several Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) and Professional Awarding Bodies are looking at providing short ‘bite sized’ credit bearing learning modules relative to topics across policing for officers and staff.  This section will be updated as soon as these become available.

Whilst these short modules will not necessarily attract RPL credits they will be awarded credits in their own right,  For some officers and staff this is a good way of getting into Higher Education learning for the first time or for somebody re-entering who may have been out of such for some time.  Either way this is an ideal opportunity to gain credits for short modules without undertaking a full undergraduate or postgraduate programme.  Completion of such a short module may not only assist with continuing professional development but may help in accessing undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.

Short modules may also be more attractive for those working shifts or those where time is limited and/or restricted.

Click here to search the HEI/Professional Awarding Body Directory for viewing short bite sized credit bearing learning modules.