Force Sponsored Learning Panel

Devon and Cornwall offers an opportunity to apply for financial support for study through a Sponsored Learning Panel.

What is this?

The Sponsored Learning Panel is set up to award full or part financial to officers and staff for study that leads to improved individual contribution and organisational performance. Officers and staff are able to request financial support where they have completed their probationary period and been confirmed in post.

How do they apply?

Officers and staff must submit an application, with the support of their line manager to the panel for their consideration.

Who is on the panel?

The panel is made up of a Chairperson (L&D Manager), an operational officer, Federation Rep, Trade Union representatives and HR representatives. Decisions on whether to provide funding or not are based on the business case presented in the application form and must be unanimous across the panel.

What administration is in place?

The panel is administered by the Learning and Development centre. They receive applications and chair the panel. Once a decision is made they inform the applicants of the decision whether they will receive finances or not and to what extent. Students who are given finances are required to complete a sponsored learning contract to confirm their commitment to the course. This is returned to the L&D centre. Enrolment into the necessary course is then undertaken by the student and invoices for course fees forwarded to the administration team.

How is this monitored?

The student and their line manager are expected to keep the Sponsored Learning administrator informed of their progress. On completion of the course the student submits a short report to the Sponsored Learning administrator outlining the benefits of the course, how the learning has been applied in the workplace and any career development opportunities that have arisen as a result of the learning.