Force Support - even the smallest gesture can help

Nick a Chief Inspector studied an MSc in Leadership. The course was advertised internally and he decided to apply.

What worked well support wise from your force?

The force was supportive in relation to a financial contribution towards the tuition fees, travelling expenses and some time to attend the programme.


What would you recommend to other forces?

I was lucky as my line manager was also on the same course that helped with being released to attend. The onus remains on the student in that we still had to pay a large proportion of the tuition fees and the vast majority of the time spent studying was in our own time. However, the fact that the force was making a contribution in the form of a couple of hours off a week to attend the university as well as paying the travelling expenses made me feel supported in my endeavour. The investment by the force also served to maintain my motivation to complete the course when things got tough as I didn’t want to let them down. I would support this approach as being good practice on the part of my force.