Recognition and consolidation of existing skills

Dominic, a Detective Inspector studied an MA in Intelligence, Analytics and Media whilst working at Thames Valley Police (TVP).

Why did you decide to undertake additional study?

Intelligence, Analytics and the Media (big data), is very closely related to the role I do and enjoy. I have become more involved in open source work regionally and nationally so wanted to have some formal qualifications behind this area of work, which is growing and intricately related to cybercrime.


What support were your force able to provide?

50% of the cost of the course and 5 days a year study leave, which I have to match with annual leave.


How easy was the application process?

There was an application process, which went to my line manager and head of department and then the head of HR. It was a simple process, all the people involved in the decision to support, or not, knew my role, my background and me which made things easier.


Have you benefitted from undertaking additional study?

Because of being supported to study for my MA I feel more valued by my organisation and am therefore more committed to TVP and their values as an employer. This is all in addition to me feeling personally, better equipped to do my job.