How is this going to benefit your force?

Gaining academic qualifications can be hugely beneficial for both individuals and the force they belong to:

  • Qualifications may be aimed at filling specific knowledge gaps which exist within your force or may offer a broader understanding of the increasingly complex nature of policing:
    • Crime – terrorism, violence, vulnerability, cyber etc
    • Non Crime – mental health, missing persons etc
    • Organisational Challenges – technology, estate, fleet etc.
  • It will help accelerate the professionalisation of the workforce in line with the policing vision of 2025
  • It recognises, values and motivates the existing workforce by providing the mechanism to complete externally recognised qualifications that have meaning, credibility and transferability within and beyond policing
  • It will help to embed the use of evidence based policing in day to day work
  • It begins to address the leadership gap
  • It promotes the use of autonomous decision making based on informed, intelligent analysis of the evidence