What should we encourage our officers and staff to consider?

For many people who haven’t undertaken academic study for a number of years the prospect can be daunting and challenging. As well as providing specific support to your officers and staff you may also be able to provide them advice and guidance on some of the things they should consider when deciding whether to start an academic course, which one to choose and where.

For  some ideas of how you can help see below, for more information see Guidance for Individuals.

What course should they study?

Help them to think about what interests them as well as what could benefit their future career and the force as a whole.

How do they want to study?

Get them to think about how they learn best, will they enjoy lectures or would they prefer a more hands on course. There are a number of online questionnaires they can fill out to help them understand how they learn, you can also find out more about the different teaching methods.

Where do they want to study?

Courses may be distance learning or may require an attendance in person. Encourage officers and staff to check this out and look at how much time they may be required to spend physically attending, and how this affects where they might want to study.

Is it the right time for them?

Make sure officers and staff consider the amount of time they will need to commit to studying. Do they realistically have enough time?

How long will it take to complete?

Make sure they think about the length of time it will take to complete any course of study. They may have time now but how do they expect their lives and commitments to change?

How much will it cost?

Costs will vary, and may be for the RPL process itself, the course and associated materials.

Where will they study at home?

Do they have a space at home to allow them to concentrate on their studies with as few distraction as possible?

What equipment will they need?

Are they going to need access to a computer, the internet or other specific equipment? Will they be able to get access to these things for the duration of their study?

What is a University going to expect from them?

Universities will support officers and staff who are working, but they will expect commitment to the course, the deadlines and a professional approach to study.

What is the force going to expect from them?

Where support is provided by a force conditions may apply, make sure you know what these are so you can advise officers and staff appropriately. A high level of personal motivation and desire is needed and should be demonstrated by anyone requesting force support.

How is a degree going to help them?

An academic qualification may help to provide someone with formal, transferable qualifications or assist them in the development of their career and specialist skills and understanding. Encourage officers and staff to consider how a qualification may help them and how this could influence their choice of course.

How do they apply?

By visiting the online tool they will find guidance and support on how to apply.

How their force might be able to support them

Research force policy to make sure you can advise them appropriately.

How can the College of Policing help?

The college has a variety of support available from the initial point of interest through to when someone is studying.